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If you want to email me, please please add 'EsE' or something in the subject line to distinguish your mail from generic spam. Also, I've added some extra text to my address that'll need to be removed (it should be obvious) in an effort to defeat webcrawling spambots that harvest addresses from webpages. Sorry for the extra inconvenience. (Spammers must die. -_-)

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Important note - the archives for Eversummer Eve are on the subscription site, along with a growing number of awesome original manga in English. The latest chapter of EsE is available for free. If you'd like to read the full archives, join WirePop today. Meanwhile the latest couple pages of Eversummer Eve can always be found on this site, which is always completely free.

Last updated January 21st, 2008

*Cue 'Empire Strikes Back' music for this week's page*

ANd because I like pimping my art everyone is, as always, invited to visit my art gallery at DeviantArt page. There you'll find my non-Ese art, including my in-progress tarot deck, the Otaku Tarot.


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